david-and-aoife-ombuBabywearing is using a sling or carrier to safely and comfortably carry your baby, all the while freeing up your hands, keeping them close, and being able to do what you need to do, all at the same time. A baby carrier is a valuable and versatile parenting tool that is useful to the vast majority of parents and caregivers.

What is a babywearing consultant?

There is an overwhelming number of types and styles of carriers, as well as brands available today. A babywearing consultant can help you work out what is the best carrier to suit your needs and that you will find comfortable. We also make sure you know how to use it well so that your baby is positioned safely and in a way that keeps them comfortable and in a good position for their physical development. We can work with a carrier you already have, or show you a range of good options. We can also help you improve your baby wearing skills if you want to learn how to back carry, or to learn a specific woven wrap carry or improve your wrap tightening skills.

Do I come to you?

I know that it can be difficult to get out of the house with a baby sometimes, so I can make a time to come to your place, for a travel charge. Or if you like, you can come to my location in Beach Haven, Auckland. Check out the Fees page for more details.

Do I have to have my own babycarrier?

Not at all. I will bring carriers with me to show you and that you can try, with a weighted doll first, before you try with your own child. I also have a small range of carriers available to purchase, if you want something straight away and don’t want to wait. Otherwise you can get a good idea of what you like, and I can suggest some places you can find them.

Do you have set hours?

During the working week I am best available on Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays, but other times, including evenings or weekends, can be arranged for consultations as well.

So how do we get started?

Just get in touch with me via the details on my Contact page, and we will work out a time and place that works for both of us. I will also send you out a pre-consultation survey, which is just a few questions that will help me tailor our session to what you need.

“Sandy is a friendly and knowledgeable person. She has been running the babywearing workshop for years. I met her at one of her workshop 3 years ago, every time I have a question about a sling she always answer promptly and informatively. She is able to advise the advantages and disadvantages of each type and which are most suitable for what age.

Cecilia, Beach Haven, Auckland.


Customers’ Feedback

Very happy to have had our 1 hour consultation with Sandy, our local babywearing consultant. I learned how to hip skoot a baby to my back for a back carry! Using the dolls was super effective – easier than trying to learn using El. Highly recommend 🙂

Joyce T

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