What’s Available?

Imagine having a one on one babywearing consultation… and finding yourself in a carrier that fits you beautifully…. and your baby is happy or even falls asleep…. and you find yourself able to relax with two free hands for the first time in ages….. and then you have to take it off, give it back, and then go find time to search the internet and order one of these yourself.

Now, some people love shopping, or they want to hang out for the next Sleep Store sale and grab themselves an amazing deal, or they want to check out all the pretty patterns and pick the one they love the best. And after your consult, now that you know what you need to look for, you can do that to your heart’s content. And don’t forget to send me photos of you and your baby in your new carrier, I would LOVE to see that!

But some people want this magical solution that they have just been introduced to NOW. Having to go shopping and wait a few days for it to be delivered just seems cruel and unusual punishment for you, AND your baby who was going to sleep nicely on your front. So I bring with me a small selection of different carrier options so you can grab something right there at the consult if you want to. Please note: I only have a small car and do not have every colourway possible or every buckle carrier under the sun. But this is a roughly up to date list of what I usually have with me… sometimes I have others as well.

Ring Slings

  • Diva Milano (pleated)
  • Indajani (gathered)
  • Lenny Lamb (gathered)
  • KI Design conversion (pleated)

Stretchy wraps

  • ByKay (1 way)
  • Boba (2 way)

Bei Dai

  • Diva Milano
  • ByKay

Buckle Carrier

  • Beco Gemini (mesh)
  • Boba 4G

Woven Wraps

  • Still in the pipeline…

Kangaroo Clothing

  • Vija Kangaroo Wrap Cami (OSFA)
  • Vija Skin-to-Skin Cami (M)
  • Vija Cummerbund/Belly Band (S)