My consultation fee is $40 for every half hour of our time together. How long it takes will vary depend on what you need help with. For example, helping you get your existing carrier working well for you and your child is usually done within a half hour. Upskilling with using a woven wrap or learning how to get your child safely on your back would often be an hour or perhaps an hour and a half. And then a full show and tell session to look at all the carrier options followed by trying things on to work out what you like the best will probably take an hour and a half, to two hours. This includes time to tend to your baby’s needs, the baby is always the priority.

Travel Fee

You are welcome to have your consultation session at my house in Beach Haven. However, not all mums can easily travel, especially when their baby is young. So I am also available to come out to meet you at your house, or some other venue where you feel comfortable, if that will work better for you. When this happens, I have an additional charge, called a travel fee.

  • Beach Haven, Birkdale, Birkenhead                                         +$10
  • The rest of the North Shore from the Bridge to Albany     +$20
  • Bridge to Mt Wellington/Onehunga, West Auckland          +$30
  • Otahuhu/Pakuranga to Manukau.                                             +$40
  • Greater Auckland, north of Albany                                           +$40
  • Greater Auckland, south of Manukau                                      +$50



As long as you have cellular coverage, I have mobile EFTPOS with me for your convenience.

Buying Carriers

I carry a small amount of stock with me in case you don’t want to wait to find and buy your own carrier after our consultation. Carrier types, brands and colours vary, depending on what is in my stock at that time.