Hey Prince Charming! Which one’s the perfect buckle carrier?

I was fluffing around with my “Consultant Carrier Collection” in the lounge this evening and my husband was amazed by how many buckle carriers I have (and no, I don’t have every one available, that would be just crazy!). “It’s because there are so many brands, and they are all a little bit different to each other”, I told him. And what I didn’t tell him was that you almost have to do a Prince Charming, and try out a kingdom worth of feet, I mean buckle carriers, before you find the one that fits best. And that takes quite some time… I mean, Prince Charming took all night to find the right foot for his glass slipper, and we could take quite a while to try out every buckle carrier option, to work out which one was your best fitting one too. So I thought I would try and narrow down our options a little before we got started….

Sometimes I feel like I am swimming in a sea of buckle carriers….

After about four years of helping people try out and find the best buckle carrier for them, there are a few things that I’ve learned can be a significant barrier to a good fit. Some people have tiny waists, and can’t get a snug fit before the padding on the waist gets in the way. Some people have broader waists and need a more generous waist belt length. Some people want mesh because they know that they, or their baby, tend to run hot. Some people are much comfier crossing the straps at the back, and not all carriers can do that. Some people love the super security of those 3 point waist belt buckles, while others are driven nuts by the fact it will take them two hands to undo it but if they take bubs out to fed, they won’t have two hands free to undo the waist buckle for quite a while… Some people are wanting to use their buckle carrier right from newborn, others want to get a buckle carrier that will last for as long as possible and grow with their child, rather than having to upgrade to a bigger size. Some people want a lovely soft woven wrap fabric, others want something super pretty, but are not fussed what fabric it’s made of. And I could never (and I mean never!) use a hood with my daughter (even if she fell asleep and I then put it on, she would wake instantly, darn it!) so I preferred a carrier that was, or could be made to feel hood-less.

So what have I done to help? I have gotten all scientific, got out my measuring tape, and made a chart. Yup, I have taken the time to open up every single buckle carrier I could lay my hands on, and measured the heck out of them, writing down all the variations I could think of to measure and record, hehehe! And why did I do this? So that if you have factors that are important to you, you can easily eliminate those buckle carriers that just won’t pass muster. Do you need the straps to cross at the back? Cool, then we can rule out that one, that one and that one. Do you want something that will take you through to toddlerhood? Cool, these ones go this wide and those ones only go that wide.  Are you a sucker for a woven wrap fabric? Excellent, then these ones are where we will start.

And this is only the top layer…..

So can you use my chart to choose your buckle carrier without trying anything on first? Well you could, but I wouldn’t advise it. One thing I have learned is that there are variables between carriers that I can’t measure and put on a chart. How do the shoulders sit on you? Does the padding there feel great, or uncomfortable? Where does the shoulder strap come through under your arm? Does that feel great or is it uncomfortable? And can you easily reach back to do up the chest belt clip? Not to mention, does your child feel comfortable in it….. Like every type of carrier out there, the vast majority of children are content in them, but there are always occasional children that object to that type of carrier for a while, or for always….

Here’s the link to my super duper carrier comparison chart.  The ones with the SnugLove logo beside them are ones I personally have available in my Consultant Carrier Collection for clients to try. I will keep updating the chart as I get my hands and measuring tape on other buckle carriers. Also check out the link here to the carriers I hold one or two of, for clients to purchase straight away at a consult, if you like the pattern I have in stock.

Happy babywearing!


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