First blog post

Right. So. I was never even planning to use this blog part of the website. Coz there are so many other cool people writing stuff about babywearing, I didn’t think it made sense to try and do that too. Better leave it to other people who had great stuff to say.

Then the other day I realised I actually DID have something to say. Something that I haven’t really seen many people say before. So I wrote this thing…. and now I have to switch on this part of my website, and pretty it up, so that I have somewhere to put it.

I can’t imagine I’ll be writing blog posts that often… but, hey, I didn’t think I’d ever write one! And now I have! So feel free to follow me, or not, I don’t expect to be overflowing your Inbox. I have a young family, I can’t imagine having the time, hehehe! But if you like what I’ve said, I’d love it if you shared the link around to others who might like it too. And if you have something babywearing that you think I could make a good post about, feel free to toss me a note, and I’ll see if I can do it justice.

But most of all, please have a great day, and remember to play nicely with others!

Happy babywearing!




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